Stefan Huhn - massage therapist

Classic massage / trigger point therapy / deep tissue massage
Classic massage is the manual treatment of the human body by strain, pressure, and train. The skin and underlying structures are mechanically affected, and thereby, local and general effects induced.
Myofascial trigger points are painful points within the fibers and facies of our body. They are hardened places in the belly of the muscle, tendon or at the base of the muscles. My goal due the trigger point therapy is it to prevent these points and solve them with manual processing.

Manual lymphatic drainage
Manual lymph drainage supports and strengthens the body's own mechanisms to prevent or reduce edema. The grip technique of manual lymph drainage is based on the circular shift of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Foot reflexology
Due foot reflexology we deal with loads zones on the feet. These are dealt by various control techniques in an attempt to resolve the charges.

Dragging a so-called APM chopsticks, we harmonize the body's energy and create a balance in the energy system.

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